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Keep track of your supplies, how many you have on hand and never run out again!


Is it time for me to change? OstoBuddy will remind you when you need to change next!


Keep track of which supplies you used and when.  Stop the guessing!


Keep track of your ostomy output and consistency!


  • Mary Lou Boyer, RN, CWOCN & Ileostomy 35 years

    With OstoBuddy I get a needed reminder every 3 days. This saves me so much time and pain in that I can change at a convenient time instead of when itching and burning forces me. Another great advantage is the reminder I get of my supplies on hand so I can re-order before it becomes an emergency. It is definitely worth it!

  • Fellow Ostomate,

    About time! Finally, someone has produced an app that works for ostomates.

  • Fellow Ostomate,

    Well done Like that it keeps track of supplies and has a reorder amount alarm Worth the money.

  • VeganOstomy,

    If you're an ostomate who wants an easy way to manage your ostomy supplies and setup reminders for your next appliance change, then OstoBuddy is a great way of doing that!