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Lyfebulb Global Innovation Challenge, in Collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb: Addressing Unmet Needs in IBD

Built by Ostomates

OstoBuddy was “born” in March of 2014. The innovator continually put post-it notes on his bathroom mirror to keep track of pouch changes in an effort to prevent pouch leakage, skin problems and scattered tracking of the amount of supplies on hand. With travel a large part of his job and the post-it notes at home, keeping track of pouch changes and time for re-order was difficult.

With a background in business and engineering, the initial design iterations began to come to life. Delivering an optimized user experience was a key objective and required months of research and development to identify the perfect delivery team. There were many contributors throughout the development lifecycle which consisted of, Bloggers, Software Engineers, Ostomy Patients.

Amazing Features

Supplies & Usage

Keep track of your supplies, how many you have on hand and never run out again!


Time for a bag change? OstoBuddy will remind you when you need to change next!


Keep track of your ostomy output and consistency!

OstoBuddy Benefits

  • Set it and forget it! Create a regular schedule for appliance changes to avoid peristomal skin issues
  • Avoid embarrassing leaks by adhering to a change schedule
  • Track you supply inventory and never run out again
  • Become better informed about ostomy output and fluid replacement in order to help avoid dehydration

Your Privacy Matters.

As a patient owned app your data is secure with us. Ostobuddy does not sell your data.

Our Advisors

Our Partners

IBDLyfe is a digital connectivity platform for the IBD community, including people with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and IBS, as well as support partners. Our mission is to help everyone feel less alone in their IBD journeys through sharing experiences, accessing curated resources, and providing both 1:1 and community support.

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Bowel Moments Podcast Interview

Bowel Moments Podcast Interview

This week we met Kishore Pardasani! Kishore was diagnosed with UC when he was in college and struggled to find the right treatment for his disease. Eventually he decided to manage his disease through a permanent ostomy. As he was learning to navigate life with an...